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Social Contribution

For CRI Group, it is important that we bring people and places together, not only through our professional expertise and technological evolution, but also by breaking down all barriers to free communication and approaching each other. Nothing can stand in the way of our dream of a united world; regardless of colour, religion, beliefs, economic situation or physical disability.

CRI Group embraces all efforts to move society forward. Because every nuance is a step towards diversity and uniqueness. And our convictions define our footprint in the company.

Environmental Awareness

CRI Group, always mindful of the importance of social issues, has developed a number of initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. These initiatives are consistent with international rules and practices. We have identified a set of measurable objectives whose implementation is systematically monitored and reviewed.

Environmental considerations are integrated into all the actions of CRI Group, whether in the development of solutions, process and service design, its own operations or the management of its supplier network. This includes minimising energy consumption or supporting the recycling of used materials and products. CRI Group complies with all environmental laws and regulations and customer requirements. In addition, CRI Group demonstrates continuous improvement of its environmental objectives and encourages internal communication on these policies.

CRI Group strives not to have a negative impact on the environment and, at the same time, to raise awareness among its employees, partners and customers of the need for more responsible action in terms of environmental protection. As part of its daily activities, CRI Group systematically applies environmental protection policies that comply with its stated environmental policy. The main areas concerned are, among others, the renovation of office space, the use of water, the recycling of materials and the disposal of hazardous materials.

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