CRI Group becomes part of VASS to lead the #DigitalTransformation and #Cybersecurity in the European Union.
For us, joining VASS is a strategic bet that will allow us to offer even more specialized services to meet the new demands of our customers.

CRI was founded in Luxembourg in 1991 aiming to address the IT services needs of the newly formed European Union Institutions. Currently, we are an acclaimed Group, operating in several European countries, serving the EU Institutions and other Governmental bodies through a comprehensive offering of IT services and technologies.

We constantly align our organization to adapt with our customers’ needs while updating our value proposition to the challenges ahead.
We continue to invest heavily in IT excellence and strengthen our presence within the Digital Transformation ecosystem connecting the technologies with the European users. Along this journey we evolve strongly believing that Equality, Dignity, Inclusiveness and Anti-Racism are pivotal values for sustainability and progress.

We have joined VASS company

The integration allows us to support partners better and end clients with new technologies and methodologies, enhancing our added value and time to market

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