Customised Software solutions for EU Institutions and Boosting monetization for Telecom Operators

DoubleIP was established in November 2009 by a group of people with extensive technological and marketing expertise, who believe that their ideas put into practice can shape the future of the highly demanding era of mobile services and communications.
Acquired in 2018 by CRI, DoubleIP is becoming our spearhead in addressing large software development projects from our Institutional customers. As a software factory DoubleIP plays a pivotal role into the future expansion of CRI and its value offering.
The company’s long-term strength is the experience and know-how of its developers in designing and implementing large and complex ICT solutions as well its innovative and highly efficient operation processes.

Through the scalable use of technology, DoubleIP focuses on:

  • Custom Software Projects for Institutional customers. Within EU institutions it executes complex projects for ECHA, DIGIT-XM, DIGIT-SM, CPVO, EAC and EU Lisa, while new EU Institutional customers are being currently added.
  • Mobile and Web applications designed to fit any organisation. By using the latest technologies and following strategies that give our customers’ products a strong market presence.
  • Mobile marketingand Next-generation loyalty platforms  which encompass and enhance user interactivity and consumer engagement with brands, using any available means of communication. Its platforms offer unparalleled mobile features and functionality, including a real-time personalisation engine that takes into account individual user patterns.
  • Campaign management platforms, using technologies and models proven in the telecommunications sector, designed to generate higher demand, increase customer retention and minimise churn, while boosting revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Creative VAS and B2B service offerings, leading our customers to a competitive advantage, increased ARPU and a superior technological infrastructure and knowledge, which eliminate the barriers of advancement and change.

DoubleIP, sharing the CRI values, is committed to continuously developing new quality-first products and technologies geared towards our customers’ needs. In order to embrace the idea of quality, DoubleIP invests in people, motivating them towards its vision through a friendly and fulfilling environment of continuous technological progress. Knowledge sharing, team working and modern development procedures elevate DoubleIP among the first choices of software engineers looking for a career.
Convinced that amazing ideas are those that come from the daily needs and from everyone working in the company, from the trainee to the CEO, we have put in place the appropriate business processes to promote creativity at all levels of the company.
In a global borderless communication environment, we are convinced that the values of our vision will lead DoubleIP to global expansion.

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