ICE ™ is the technology platform that fuels CRI’s Customer Engagement Suite. It encompasses cutting-edge technologies to provide advanced capabilities for Attracting, Engaging, Rewarding, and Retaining mobile customers.

CRI’s ICE platform covers a wide range of the subscriber life-cycle management functionality concerning offers, bundles, promotions, self-care and service plan management, loyalty management as well as enhanced workflow operations which map specific business service logic rules.

In parallel a user-friendly Web UI is offered which allows Customer Care Agents, IT Operators and Marketing Experts to perform specific actions according to their role.

ICE ™ provides all the adapters and interfaces for connectivity to legacy systems (Billing Platforms, CRM, Databases, SMSCs, etc.), as well as the robustness needed for Big Data handling as in the case of Business Intelligence and Analytics.



Campaign Suite/ Criteria Engine

  • Contextualization
  • Gamification
  • Optimized Communication
  • Insight Activation

Profiler / Reporter

  • Big data reporting
  • Subscriber Profiler
  • Mobile monetization enabler

Campaign/Loyalty Manager

  • Thorough risk management
  • Campaign lifecycle management
  • Service Provisioning


  • Billing, SMSC, CRM, IVR, STK, Service Ordering
  • Network integration supporting over 30 protocols

Billing vendors supported

  • Ericsson
  • Amdocs
  • Alcatel – Lucent
  • Oracle
  • Xura (former Comverse – Acision)
  • Redknee (former Orga)



Through the power of its menu, USSD succeeds in eliminating multiple shortcodes usage and subscribers confusion, thus achieving subscribers’ favor and high penetration rates. One easy-to-remember number directs the subscribers to a centralized, exhaustive list of need-to-have services and possibilities, independently of their mobile device.
Reasonably therefore it operates as an effective promotional spot for the operator. It is a channel that subscribers access frequently and as a result anything embedded in this menu, gains high visibility rates.

The USSD solution is suitable for:

  • Mobile initiated and network initiated user interaction.
  • News with use of RSS feeds
  • Chat services
  • Quiz, survey, Q&A service
  • Polling service
  • Banking


ICE ™Any Value Top Up (AVTU) Service improves on and facilitates the way a prepaid subscriber recharges his/her account making the need of voucher cards obsolete. It provides the flexibility to top-up of any value, thus empowering the subscriber flexibility and satisfaction.

ICE ™ AVTU offers a convenient experience for customers to top up their prepaid accounts within seconds. It replaces the traditional scratch cards based top up and offers reduced costs and improved distribution channel efficiency to Telecom operators.

Offer Management

The Offer Management Solution (OMS) by CRI is a robust and extendable web application that enables Telecom Operators to create, deliver, and manage offers either to their entire customer base or a preselected group of subscribers, or a range (or multiple ranges) of MSISDNs, ensuring a streamlined, intuitive offer management process that is highly effective, customizable and flexible.

The OMS is adaptive to operators’ back-end systems and allows for extreme flexibility by providing an easy to use interface that minimizes the learning curve and eliminates the IT dependence. Wizard procedure for offer creation and built-in statistics and reports make marketing and commercial use easy and error-proof.

Coupons Platform

CRI’s Coupons platform allows the operators to create and manage vouchers and virtual loyalty cards based on their needs, while full historical data are kept for every voucher/card issued by the platform. The platform is configurable as to which algorithm to use for generating unique numbers, while the vouchers or mobile coupons or magnetic cards are fully monitored by the customer management service. Vouchers can expire automatically or manually, or cancelled at any time.

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