Boosting Solutions

Our solutions suite can demonstrate a significant revenue uplift from Top-Ups, Data usage / Smartphone penetration and VAS adoption rates.

We undertake your campaigning initiatives, strictly on revenue share models, in order to apply our proven marketing framework and automate the campaigns delivery.

Top-Ups frequency and value will be measurably increased, while for the postpaid segment an ARPU boosting will become evident. The above services result also to new loyalty levels and decrease of churn. The “control” – “target” groups principle allows for measurement of our services efficiency.

Individual Services

BS1: Top Up
BS2: Data & Smartphone usage
BS3: VAS Services adoption

Content-based Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of real-time interactive content services provided by mother tongue copywriters and compatible with all mobile phones.

Our content-based services are both entertaining and educational. We focus on various interesting and popular topics, such as Personality & IQ Tests, Movies Trivia & Quizzes, Foreign Language Lessons, Health and Fitness Tips.

Each service is promoted by dedicated marketing campaigns to boost subscription rates and customer interactivity, targeting the creation of a new VAS revenue generation streamline.
All such services are offered strictly on revenue share models.

Individual Services

CS1: Interactive
CS2: Premium Static
CS3: HTML5 Gaming
CS4: Engagement apps

Loyalty & NPS boosting Solutions

We create innovative loyalty programs for Telecom Operators, which are tailored-designed to substantially increase the company’s NPS, decrease churn and generate cross-selling and up-selling capabilities.

Based on our customers’ needs, we design either points-based loyalty schemes or loyalty clubs in which the subscribers enjoy benefits with third parties discount coupon offers. By creating partners’ networks, we enhance the brand’s awareness and we enable 3rd party ads revenue streams. Our loyalty programs are accessible through various methods: online, mobile apps, USSD menus.

Individual formats

L1: MNO paid
L2: Retail funded
L3: Hybrid models
L4: Marketplace initiatives

Online Reputation Solutions

The right use of state-of-the-art software and our digital marketing expertise (OMCP and Google certified) provide our customers with the tools to conquest goals and prevalence over the competition. Our priority is to strengthen and create reference branding for our clients.

Our consultants offer to the Digital Marketing Managers of a brand the required knowledge for the design of their future strategic plans. We identify how the brand’s reputation is formed, based on the sentiment analysis of all digital data gathered from news portals, blogs, readers’ comments, social media posts, YouTube videos’ comments and tweets, and we evaluate the audience’s reaction to the brand’s established strategy.

Individual Services

ORS1: Sentiment Analysis
ORS2: OnSite SEO Consulting

Data Mining & Data Analytics Solutions

Using innovative approaches and artificial intelligence software tools, we “feel” the pulse of the public opinion. We detect, in real time, when a digital crisis arises and we monitor and analyze the needs, the doubts and the audience desires, always in relation to the peculiarities of each business.

We analyze public opinion, whilst it is forming and we identify how it evolves, by locating the main “nodes” which contribute to the expansion of a positive / negative / neutral social noise.

Individual Services

DA1: Digital Footprint Analysis
DA2: Locate Influencers
DA3: Identify News Spread patterns
DA4: Recommendation System

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